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Every visitor must be covered by a third-party insurance during his stay. We ask you to please respect our plantations and our environment. Please keep the campsite clean by throwing your garbage, papers, bottles, cigarettes, left-overs, etc. exclusively in the dustbins provided. Garbage recycling is compulsory (sanctions envisaged). Please do not dry out your washing outside the chalets.

Toilets :

They are reserved for the use of campers or users of yurts exclusively. We ask you to comply with the rules of hygiene and to leave the places as clean as you found them. Children must be accompanied by their parents in the toilets and all other "risky" places.


All our residents can dispose of the laundry : users of chalets, yurts, motorhomes and campers (a supplement can be applied to your tariff)

Resting place:

All residents can have access to it.


The managers can not be held responsible for any theft that may occur on the campsite. Ground campfires are prohibited. Fixed barbecues are provided to residents ; moving them from one place to another is not allowed. Children are in charge of their parents exclusively ; parents are responsible for any damage caused by fires or occurring during any activity. In case an accident occurs on the campsite, please call # 06 84 09 32 44 immediatly. Owners of pets have to show certificates proving their animal is tattoed and vaccinated ; or else the animal can not be accepted on the campsite. Only one pet (dog or cat) is allowed per place, and it has to be kept on a leash. You can walk your animal outside the campside exclusively ; dirt has to be cleaned at once. Providing there's enough place, we can look after your animal (price : 15€ per day).

Noise pollution :

Thank you for avoiding making too much noise, especially late in the evening. Radio and TV sets have to be tuned so that no sound can disturb the neighborhood. Moving a vehicle between 20 pm and 8 am is not allowed on the campsite. Park places are provided outside. You can report any breach of this rule by calling # 06 84 09 32 44.

Refreshment stall:

You are granted a free access to it ; but no alcoholized drink will be served. Visitors who are not customers will have to park their vehicles outside the campsite and to present themselves at the reception.

Access to the campsite :

It is reserved to customers' vehicles exclusively, under the conditions defined by our regulation. Single and twin-axle caravans are not allowed on the campsite. Motorhomes can only have access to provided places.

Warning : yurts are not advised to people suffering from asthma or breathing problems.

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